Putting Yourself Out There

When I first started shooting some 20 odd years ago there was a marketing formula for photographers which consisted of sending out 4 direct mailing pieces a year and taking out a source book ad. We didn't have to worry about email marketing, web sites, SEO, blogs, social media, etc.  These are all tools that I use but nothing beats a printed card, portfolio or book in this photographer's humble opinion.

This past year, I decided to go back to basics.  I have advertised in At Edge which puts out 5 books over the course of the year and recently I sent out my first direct mail piece in a while.  I have plans to do at least 3 direct mail pieces in 2015.  The big difference is that I still have to do a lot of the other stuff as well.

I have spoken to many of my colleagues regarding these issues and the bottom line, as summed up by my studio mate Beth Galton, seems to be that you have to put yourself out there.  I think this mainly means putting a consistent product out on as many platforms as you can afford within your budget, target your efforts and follow up.  And keep shooting, always keep shooting.

My At Edge Microview 48 ad, which comes out in June of 2015.
It is an ice cream collaboration between myself and food stylist Brian Preston-Campbell.

The winter direct mail folded card, we are sending this one out now.

Microview 47 due out in April. This shot styled by Jen Everett.

The Holiday card featuring my work for TUMI.  Styled by Molly Fitzsimons.

Microview 46, March 2015.  Styled by Jen Everett for Marriott.

Macroview 2015 due out this month.  As the name suggests, it's bigger.

Microview 45, the first one that came out in 2014.  Styled by Alexandra Niki

October 2014

It's time to check in with what's been happening around here.

We did the cover for Matt Burgess's new novel on Knopf DoubleDay
Styled by the Set Goddess Megan Caponetto from Apostrophe
Creative Direction by Emily Mahon

Latest Cover for Shop Smart - They are the BEST!
Karin Olsen - Stylist
Karen Shinebaum - Photo Editor
Art Director - Tammy Fernandez
Melissa Plonchak - Creative Director

A couple of fun covers for Barron's
Adrian DeLucca - Photo Editor

Kickstart video for Instagram

And finally, we are putting the finishing touches on the new site - JamesWorrell.net

Yo, it's Better in Jersey!

Let's just get this out of the way, everyone in New Jersey feels the same way about you as you do about them ;)  No, seriously,  I moved with my family out to New Jersey about 10 years ago when I realized how many square feet we could have there compared to where we were in Brooklyn. 2860 vs 680! Ha! In reality, when we decided to leave the city for the burbs, we looked west for the simple fact that it was closer to family in Philly.  But I must say, we love it!

I have two small kids making their way through the school system in our lovely town of Maplewood, so when this latest assignment from NJ Monthly came along I jumped at the chance to get involved. The new creative force behind NJM is Laura Baer, she and I have worked together for years at various publications.  She is one of my favorite collaborators, enjoy! 

New Jersey Monthly Cover September 2014
Laura Baer - Creative Director
Stephanie Hanes - Stylist
Nathan Kipe for Every Pixel Counts - Retouching

Studio Studio Studio

Anyone who has followed my social media meanderings over the past year may have heard me talk about getting a studio once, twice, perhaps three times.  Well it finally happened!  As of July 2014 I have a shooting space in NYC on 27th St and 6th Ave.  I am honored to be sharing with the incomparable Beth Galton, who I have known many years.  Party to follow soon!

The back story:  A little over Eight years ago when my wife was pregnant with our second daughter I decided to take a break from commuting to be home a bit more.  I completed a shooting space/office in my three car garage and started to use that as my home base, renting in the city when needed.  Like anything, it worked great for a while.  And I was certainly happy to have a low overhead in 2009.  Oh lordy, 2009. Let's all have a moment of silence for 2009.  But I began to miss being in the city and you know what they say, change is good.  Having a studio in NYC is a much different prospect today than it was 20 years ago when I opened my first place.  Many photographers, like Beth and myself, have banded together to share space and resources.  There will always be a need for content, the struggle is to remain relevant in an ever changing landscape.  It is truly a great time to be an image maker.

I am continually grateful to be able to make my living doing something I love.  I hope to see you soon!

View from the north windows.

A full Kitchen!

Working for Pepsi.

Working on an At Edge ad in my office, the image is from a shoot with Scientific American.

Feature Shoot

A very nice and unexpected surprise came to me recently via email with a note that I was being highlighted on Feature Shoot's web site. They used work taken from my small, but growing collection at OFF SET images. OFF SET is a premium collection from Shutterstock and although I don't have that many images up on their site as of yet, I do like their aesthetic and design.

Is it here where we talk about the death of photography and the falling rates, in part because of royalty free stock sites, the internet and the over saturation of imagery?  No! Today we just enjoy a little press, this is one of those moments where it feels really good to be a photographer.

I also have been with Getty Images since they bought Photonica in the 90s and although I don't make as much as I used to, it still provides me with a guilty sense that I need to submit more images.

I absolutely have to add a shout out to one of my favorite prop stylists, Amy Chin, who is always booked on some job in an exotic far away location, making beautiful things happen.  She did much of the styling on the cosmetic shots but not all, I did some myself.  I am a pretty good on set stylist but only pretty good.

The Feature Shoot article talks about how I am based in Iowa, and as much as I Love Iowa, I left in 1990 to attempt a Master's at Cal Arts outside of Los Angles.  I have now been in the NYC area for 22 years. Time really does fly as they say.

Feature Shoot July 18, 2014

James Worrell OFF SET

James Worrell OFF SET

Getty Images