Feature Shoot

A very nice and unexpected surprise came to me recently via email with a note that I was being highlighted on Feature Shoot's web site. They used work taken from my small, but growing collection at OFF SET images. OFF SET is a premium collection from Shutterstock and although I don't have that many images up on their site as of yet, I do like their aesthetic and design.

Is it here where we talk about the death of photography and the falling rates, in part because of royalty free stock sites, the internet and the over saturation of imagery?  No! Today we just enjoy a little press, this is one of those moments where it feels really good to be a photographer.

I also have been with Getty Images since they bought Photonica in the 90s and although I don't make as much as I used to, it still provides me with a guilty sense that I need to submit more images.

I absolutely have to add a shout out to one of my favorite prop stylists, Amy Chin, who is always booked on some job in an exotic far away location, making beautiful things happen.  She did much of the styling on the cosmetic shots but not all, I did some myself.  I am a pretty good on set stylist but only pretty good.

The Feature Shoot article talks about how I am based in Iowa, and as much as I Love Iowa, I left in 1990 to attempt a Master's at Cal Arts outside of Los Angles.  I have now been in the NYC area for 22 years. Time really does fly as they say.

Feature Shoot July 18, 2014

James Worrell OFF SET

James Worrell OFF SET

Getty Images


Keep Me Covered

A couple of fun cover shoots so far this year, both of them on bargains. (I have another one coming up soon, a cover for the Washington Post Magazine).  I love my clients.  Seriously, working with talented, nice people is such a plus.  Don't forget to be good to your clients and your vendors.  The difficult "artist" type is a myth.

May cover of Shop Smart on the stands now!
Muchas Gracias to:
Melissa Paterno Plonchak - Creative Director
Tammy Fernandez - Art Director
Karen Shinbaum - Photo Editor
Prop Stylist - Angela Campos
OK, another one of my favorite peeps in this silly business is Laura Baer,
who is now Art Director/Creative Director at NJ Monthly.  We have worked together
off and on for years at Prevention and Good Housekeeping.  Keep it coming Laura!

The cover that made the cut is the grid on white below.  Although it's not my first
choice, it's not my choice and I am happy for a cover.  It's my job to give the client what they need
and I will use one of the others in my portfolio along with the opening spread below, which I love.

Also thanks to:
Susan Brierly - Style Editor and Stylist
Karen Hoffsten - Susan's Assistant
Deborah Carter - Managing Editor

Susan made a blog post too, see it Here.

The winning cover.

You may or may not know that on a cover shoot we tend to spend
the entire day shooting the cover and variations on the theme.  The NJ Monthly
job was multiple days, the Shop Smart Job was one full day working through
different constructions on the one set... we actually started on Yellow and ended up on light pink.

Here are the two winning shots, the one below made the cover.

A wee 6 seconds behind the scenes.  I used something like 9 lights
on this one which is unusual for me, but Fun!

The NJ Monthly shot was done in my home studio in New Jersey of course... actually it's my converted 3 car
garage studio.  I split my time between here and shooting in NYC.
From L to R:
Susan Brierly - Style Editor
Laura Baer - Art Director
C'est Moi
Karin Hoffsten - Stlyist Assistant

and yes, those are the same vintage Polaroid sunglasses that are on the covers.


Found out last night that images from my FLAT SHIT series have been included in American Photo 30!  I am really excited about this of course, but the perfectionist within me wants to know why not the other stuff I submitted?  Typical free-lance response.  Thanks to everyone who has supported Flat Shit over the past year, it has been a pleasant surprise to me that people like it so much.  

There are about 20 copies left of the 250 limited edition booklet I published in January:  Buy it HERE or send me an email 

The spread of images picked for AP 30
The other shit I submitted to the contest earlier this year:

Limted Run FLAT SHT Book Now Available

20 pages, published 1/16/2014

Only 250 will be printed.
Only 10 bucks.
Go to MagCloud to purchase, or contact me @ jw@jamesworrell.net for a signed copy.


Happy Everything!

From my families to yours, thanks for making 2013 wonderful.